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War of 1812 celebrations extended to 2017

Canadians everywhere are bracing their wrists for even more flag-waving as the government announced it will be prolonging the War of 1812 celebrations until 2017.histhist

Minister of Heritage Shelly Glover made the announcement last week while dressed in period costume as Mary Henry and serving coffee in a Niagara-on-the-Lake cafe.

“Nothing says Canada better than battles mainly in Ontario with mostly British soldiers” a smiling Glover announced. “ and the Federal Government support grassroots celebrations of our history.”

More events are scheduled including reenacting the discussions which led to the Rush-Bagot Agreement and the death of Sir George Prevost.

Commemoration of wartime events has been strong in Ontario at various local festivals and events sprouting up during the bicentennial celebrations.

“We had a costume party BBQ honouring the Battle of Dams,” Jonathan O’Berne proudly proclaims. The Windsor based historian, and occasional live-action-role-player, brought together many people from around the region to serve Red Coat Gazpacho, Indian Corn, and James Madison mashed potatoes.

“My wife dressed up as Laura Secord and I was James FitzGibbon,” O’Berne mentioned, while opening his closet to reveal an authentic British army uniform. “I keep in my closet all the time. Never know when you will need to role-play.”

To O’Berne and other Canadian historians, The War of 1812 was truly a great conflict with a purely Canadian result. In the end the status quo prevailed and the First Nations suffered most.

Glover is looking forward the 3rd anniversary of the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Queenston Heights. “Plus, that will lead us right into Vimy Ridge celebrations!” Glover exclaimed with a fist pump.