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Man proud his Tamagotchi still alive and doing fine

Terrebonne, QC – A Terrebonne man is the proud owner of the oldest Tamagotchi in North America, having kept the toy alive since receiving the popular alien-egg computer game in 1996.

Rene-Charles Faillon, 29, Mariko the Tamagotchi is attached to his keychain, beside the keys to his 2000 Suzuki Swift and the keys to his parents home, and has been his life-companion ever since 1996. Their relationship began in 2004 when Mariko officially became an adult.

He is often seen wandering around holding his keychain and playing with her while shopping. “I know some people find it weird when they see me touching her in public,” Faillon said. “Is it so weird for a man to love a machine?” he says of Mariko as he gently rubs his left pocket, while Mariko beeps lovingly to let him know when she wants to be fed, use the washroom, or fondled.

Faillon’s parents blame themselves for their son’s odd behavior.

“When Tamagotchis came along we bought one to keep him entertained, as it was cheaper than a goldfish” said Faillon’s father, wearing a Sailor Moon t-shirt two sizes too small. “But, we never thought it would outlast a fish.”

Rene-Charles and Mariko are taking their relationship in stride with no big plans ahead in their future.

“We don’t know when our batteries will run out so we are living life to the fullest.” Rene-Charles added, waxing lyrically.