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Cancel culture run rampant: Louis C.K. forced to win a mere Grammy

LAS VEGAS – Louis C.K. has won the Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album, proving once again that is out of control in the western world. 

“If we, as a society, were serious about rehabilitation, then we would be giving Louis C.K. a real award, like a Pulitzer or the Mark Twain Prize,” a National Review column argued. “By foisting the embarrassment of a so-called Grammy ‘Award’ on C.K., we are sending the message to terrified men everywhere that one little innocent pattern of predatory harassment can have consequences.” 

In 2017, Louis C.K. was unjustly cancelled by the relentless slander of an intensive New York Times investigation into his lengthy history of sexual misconduct. His career came to a cruel and humiliating nine month halt, forcing the spurned star to scrape out a living living off his vast accumulated wealth.

“Hollywood liberals have humiliated American hero Louis C.K. with the albatross of a Grammy,” Tucker Carlson said in a lengthy segment. “What are they going to do next, make him beg for scraps on the street?” 

The Recording Academy defended C.K.’s Grammy nomination, arguing that they have no control over their own process. “Regardless of your personal opinion on Louis C.K., you have to acknowledge that an album as widely reviewed and discussed as whatever his was called deserved to be considered,” a spokesman said. 

C.K.’s win has also sparked backlash and debate. Critics have argued that he deserves to be further punished with an Emmy or a Golden Globe, while supporters claim that the man clearly has suffered enough.   

“It’s been five years since C.K. promised to do better and then didn’t,” one social media user said. “What else does he have to do to earn back our respect? Appear on, God forbid, the CW?”