Do you hear "Yanny," "Laurel," or "Kill them...kill them all?" - The Beaverton

Do you hear “Yanny,” “Laurel,” or “Kill them…kill them all?”

An argument over a computer generated voice has broke the internet with millions of people taking sides.

Yesterday, a vlogger posted a rather innocuous question what the voice was saying (clearly “Kill them…kill them all”), but some weirdos out there think its saying “Yanny” or “Laurel.”

Sure, there are some crazy folks on the internet who think the voice is saying names instead of deliberate instructions to indiscriminately murder everyone, but social media has taken this debate to whole new level.

According to sound technicians, people may hear the phrase differently according to which pitch they hear it at, and whether we have a microchip installed in our cranium waiting for the codeword.

This is deja-vu all over again if you can remember that silly debate over whether the dress was blue-and-black, white-and-gold, or blood-stained.

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