6-year-old awakens from sugar-crash covered in temporary tattoos - The Beaverton

6-year-old awakens from sugar-crash covered in temporary tattoos

GATINEAU, QC – After slowly coming to from a sugar-crash-induced nap, 6-year-old Phillippe Watkins was surprised to discover his body covered in temporary Cars 3 tattoos that he had no memory of applying.

“This is a disaster,” Watkins said upon seeing the tattoo that had been applied to his neck. “Everybody’s gonna think that I like Smokey when obviously Lightening is the best! Does this mean I’ll have to have a bath?”

“I guess it was a pretty wild morning,” explained Watkins once he had fully woken up. “I remember I was over at Michael G’s house with Michael B and we found the loot bags for his sister’s birthday party that was coming up and he thought it would be fun for us to take all the candy from all the bags and eat it all at once. Michael G will do ANYTHING.”

Mr. and Mrs. G have confirmed that the boys did eat all of the loot bag candy and came into the kitchen demanding wet sponges in order to apply the promotional tattoos that came with the loot bags. “I didn’t realize what was going on. I just handed over my kitchen sponge,” claims Mr. G. “I was just so happy they were doing something not on the iPad.”

After getting tattooed, the morning continued on to include drawing on the walls with washable markers and being loud. Parents are investigating a possible connection to a crash in the backyard involving multiple big wheels.

“I was worried we’d get in trouble,” recalls Michael B, “but Michael G just got that look in his eyes where he wanted candy, and we found so much candy, so I figured it was safer to just go along with him and eat the candy.”

“Michael G’s great,” Watkins added, “but he’s into some crazy caca.”