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Kentucky Derby won by brown horsey

LOUISVILLE – The 2015 has been won by a handsome pony with a beautiful mane and soft, shiny coat.

“It was magical,” said analyst Randy Moss. “The horsey was so fast and free. I wish it was mine.”

Over 170,000 people showed up to watch the pretty chestnut brown colt run like the wind, no, far better, like the wind wishes it could run, capturing not just first place but also the imagination of the crowd. Attendees voted the beautiful creature, whom most had privately named “Buttercup”, the bestest since the 2005 winner who was more silver than sterling, grey and strong like granite, with a tail of silk.

“When I first saw him, I knew he was a champion,” explained winning jockey Victor Espinoza. “He has the most soulful eyes. He knows me better than anyone. Sometimes, I just take him out and ride. We ride and ride and ride until it’s just us left. From here to the end of the world: it’s just us left.”

At press time, odds were 2-1 that the entire event was “majestic”.