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Quiz: Do you trust priests again, or are you watching Fleabag Season 2?

As summer approaches it’s important for many to take spiritual stock in what one believes. The current political climate would suggest that returning to popular religions such as may be out of vogue. However, you may feel a pull towards classic religions for an unknown, possibly mystical reason. You may have been a lapsed Catholic and now have a yearning to connect with your local parish. Or you might just have an Amazon Prime subscription. Well, before you go trusting priests again, ask yourself, do you trust priests again, or are just watching Season 2?

1. You’ve been feeling listless in your day to day activities. Do you…?
Stop by a church and get too scared to go inside.
Go to a local church mixer and stare longingly at the “new in town” .
Finally sign up for that Amazon Prime subscription, for the faster deliveries, you see.
2. You have a major life question, but therapy isn’t cutting it. Do you…?
Remember advice you were given as a child when you attended Catholic school and realize it is greatly flawed.
Book an appointment with that new priest. He’s from Ireland and kind of intense. Every time you speak with him, you feel butterflies in your stomach… and groin.
Wow, Amazon Prime has a streaming service, who knew!?
3. You’ve never believed in God, but these days with the world being how it is, you’ve become interested in the idea of its existence. Do you…?
Remember the time your grandmother caught you holding hands with a boy, and said, “God saw that and he’s so furious he could spit nails”.
Go to your neighbourhood church off hours just to “pray”. What’s that? The new priest is here and he offers you a G & T in a can?
There sure is a lot of stuff on Prime Video. I guess I’ll check out this Fleabag show everyone’s talking about.
4. You’ve received some bad news. Do you…?
Repress it real hard.
Become enamoured by the Priest’s love of his faith and the ceremonial garb he wears. Did he just lightly graze your arm?
Barely notice because you’ve binged Fleabag and are currently rewatching that scene in the confessional booth.
5. What are your feelings on foxes?
You were taught that they represent the devil.
That’s so funny you mention foxes, because the new priest feels like foxes have been following him his whole life. Why can’t you stop thinking about him?!
6. You have an important life altering decision to make. Do you…?
Feel crippled by any sort of decision making because your Catholic upbringing taught you that deciding is a sin.
Finally have sex with that priest.
Google Andrew Scott repeatedly.
Quiz: Do you trust priests again, or are you watching Fleabag Season 2?
Do not under any circumstances trust a priest!
You clearly endured Catholic school and are still dealing with the fallout. Take a hot bath and trust you’ll find your spirituality some day. Also, you should definitely watch Fleabag. If you don’t have that much time start with the second season.
Quiz: Do you trust priests again, or are you watching Fleabag Season 2?
Oh my god you are having an affair with a priest!
It’s for sure not as sexy as you thought it would be. What if he leaves the priesthood for you? You do not want that kind of responsibility! Plus being at church at night is really creepy. Now the priest isn’t even calling you back. Never trust priests. Also, stop watching Fleabag.
Quiz: Do you trust priests again, or are you watching Fleabag Season 2?
You are watching Fleabag Season 2!
Chances are you didn’t finish taking this quiz because you were too busy being heartbroken over the finale of Fleabag. Andrew Scott is very dreamy and it’s hard to get focused these days because of that fact. But more importantly switch over from watching Fleabag to , it may tamper down your obsession. Also, don’t trust priests.