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Cigarette butt named official flower of Montreal

MONTREAL – Canada’s second largest city is adopting the common butt as its official flower emblem.

The City of Montreal selected the cigarette butt since they are the most common year round flower found across the city.The butts come in a variety of species including Players, Du Maurier, Benson & Hedges, and Belmont and have a flaky black blossom and brown stem.

“It’s a flower that symbolizes Montreal’s addictive dedication to tobacco” Mayor announced at City Hall. “Nowhere else in Quebec or Canada can we find citizens taking the initiative and planting this familiar blossom, especially among young people.”

Now that the cigarette butt is a protected flower species, it will be illegal to dispose cigarette butts anywhere else but the sidewalk as well as picking up a butt and trying to smoke the remaining tobacco pedals.

“Picking up our official flower and trying to smoke it again is just gross” Coderre added.

At press time, Vancouver was considering adopting the syringe as its official flower.