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Jack Ryan to avenge Tom Clancy’s death

BALTIMORE – After the passing of renowned author of several espionage and military thrillers, CIA analyst Jack Ryan is vowing revenge on whoever killed him.

“Tom was one of my most trusted biographer” said the former US President, Vice President, professor, stockbroker and Marine second lieutenant while polishing his AR-15 and readying his SCUBA equipment at his seaside home in Maryland. “He was in the midst of writing his final draft on a novel about Iran developing a stealth, nuclear powered attack submarine with the help of the North Koreans and financed by a Colombian drug cartel. This nuclear threat would deter a US intervention in Syria and pull US Navy resources away from Pacific and Atlantic coasts. The poor bastard was in too deep and somebody wanted him dead.”

Ryan was surprised Clancy didn’t perish in a botched kidnapping attempt or RPG attack, which is usually how his adventures begin. Despite his enthusiasm to seek out and eliminate the threat, Ryan’s friends have reservations.

“How are you sure it’s the Iranian-North Korean-Colombian drug cartel alliance?” asked friend, former bodyguard and Army black-ops commander John Clark. “Nobody thinks that –”

“Nobody knows what Tom knew” Ryan interrupted while pouring over CIA satellite photos from Bandar Abbas navy base. “And it’s no coincidence that top officials from and Iran met under the veil of a friendly soccer match in Pyongyang with a Colombian drug lord pretending to be one of the players.”

Ryan will use his contacts in the CIA and Mossad as well as superior technology to conduct a surveillance mission near the naval facility to confirm the construction of the stealth submarine while trying to pursue a romantic relationship with a minor female character back in the United States.

“I hope your Persian is up to par” Clark cautioned before Ryan departed to the airport posing as an Armenian diplomat.