“It’s not a coup!” scream armed Trump supporters storming Capitol Building - The Beaverton

“It’s not a coup!” scream armed Trump supporters storming Capitol Building

WASHINGTON D.C. – Armed supporters storming the halls of US to prevent legislators from certifying Joe Biden’s victory are outraged that people would describe their actions as an attempted d’etat.

“Ever since the fake news media declared Biden the winner in a RIGGED election, people on the left have thrown the words ‘coup’ and ‘sedition’ around a lot,” said a man using a hammer to break the glass windows outside the Senate. “Whether it’s asking state legislatures to overturn the results, demanding Georgia find 10,000 votes, or encouraging an armed insurrection, everything is ‘coup’ this and ‘coup’ that.”

“No one in the media seemed to care when Democrats broke into the houses of congress and shot people after Hillary lost in 2016, like I assume they did. Or when BLM invaded Oregon and banned the colour red” he added.

Many other participants echoed the claim, like the guy carrying the confederate flag, the guy wearing the viking hat and the guy in full assault gear.

“Words need to have meaning. You can’t just say things like ‘coup’ willy nilly. I think it’s time everyone turned down the rhetoric” said one man roaming the halls with a shotgun, looking for Democratic and ‘RINO’ lawmakers.

“Article 2 of the Constitution clearly states that whoever shows up with guns and occupies the floor of the House of Representatives on January 6th will have the power to choose the President. We are just following the will of the founding fathers,” added another.

Several Republicans have already condemned the violent attempt at a coup. They noted it’ll make it harder for them to peacefully stage coups in the future.