Sports Unillustrated: Episode 114 - The Beaverton

Sports Unillustrated: Episode 114

Beaverton writers Cathryn Naiker and Dave Barclay are experts. Sort of. Well, they’re working on it. Join them as they discuss all the biggest stories, plus a lot of talk about the ridiculous side of being a fan. From hot takes on the NHL trade deadline to a serious look at which athlete makes the best wine, they’ve got you covered.

Dave and Cathryn discuss some life altering sports trades, debate whether or not the should retire ’s jersey, and finally address the question on every sports fan’s mind: if aliens challenged us to compete in a mystery extraterrestrial sport, which athlete would give us the best shot at an intergalactic victory?

The second season of our television show airs Wednesdays at 10 on Comedy. You can watch the latest episode right here!
Also, we wrote a god dam book!