Passion Fruit: Domestic Dilemma

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Dear Krysten,

This sounds kind of weird, but it really bothers me when my fiancé does my laundry. He never separates darks from lights, throws everything in the dryer without reading the labels, and never checks pockets. He’s ruined so many of my clothes, but I know that he’s just trying to be helpful. How do I gently let him know that he should try a different chore, like vacuuming or dusting – something that requires very little common sense.

Domestic Dilemma


Talking about clothing issues can be tricky. From personal experience, I can tell you that sometimes it’s better to let these things slide (or ignore them) rather than have an honest conversation.

For instance, last night I realized that a couple of my sports bras were missing. Then, when Paulthaniel bent over to take his baked asparagus out of my oven (he moved in last week), I noticed that there was a bra outline under his shirt. Later that night, we were making out and Paulthaniel took off his shirt and I guess he forgot that he was still had on my purple bra. I didn’t want to make things awkward, so I didn’t say anything. I mean, when you’re wearing a super-tight vintage Batman shirt, your manboobs need the extra support, right?

Paulthaniel is just so great, and bringing up these things could ruin our budding relationship. I’m not going to mention my missing underwear, either.

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