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UPDATE: Justin Trudeau autobiography just 340 full-page photos of Justin Trudeau

Tuesday, 12 August 2014 16:18 Written by 
UPDATE: Justin Trudeau autobiography just 340 full-page photos of Justin Trudeau Photo from: Wikimedia Commons by Jean-Marc Carisse cc-by-2.0

OTTAWA - With the 2015 elections fast approaching, Justin Trudeau is preparing to release a meditative, compelling autobiography composed entirely of photographs of the Liberal party leader.

“I feel the nation deserves to understand the inner workings of their potential leaders,” explained Trudeau. “I want each and every voter to see exactly what they will be getting when they vote Liberal in the upcoming election.”

“And what they will be getting is my gorgeous face,” he added. 

The autobiography provides external perspective into the mind of the politician. Readers can discover the deep, sincerely held beliefs of Trudeau by looking at chapters such as “Gazing into the Distance”, “Moody Black and White”, and the intriguingly titled “Quiet Surprise”.

“This is what my face looks like when I think about global warming,” said Trudeau, at a packed public reading. “As you can see, I’m taking it very seriously. Like a world leader might.”

“And here it looks like the cameraman managed to catch me right as I’m getting out of the shower,” he continued. “I look sort of angry because I’m thinking about civil rights violations, but also, I don’t know, a little aroused?”

But Trudeau says the memoir isn’t just for those serious about politics.

“This is also an opportunity for people to get to know me,” Trudeau explained to reporters. “I honestly believe the public wants to know personal details about their leaders: their relationship with their parents, their upbringing, how they look when reclining atop a polar bear skin rug wearing nothing but a coonskin cap and a whole bunch of attitude.”

In other non-fiction book news, Stephen Harper’s attack-autobiography, I am Stephen Harper and Thomas Mulcair is the Wrong Choice for Canada, has entered its 16th week on the bestseller list.

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