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Poll: Canadians overwhelmingly in favour of Olympic hockey team overthrowing, leading government

Tuesday, 07 January 2014 23:42 Written by  Ian MacIntyre
Poll: Canadians overwhelmingly in favour of Olympic hockey team overthrowing, leading government Portions from: / thehockeyspy CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Following today’s’ Team Canada 2014 Olympic hockey roster announcement, Canadians polled support the team of top athletes toppling the current Canadian government, and subsequently leading the country.

According to an Ipsos Reid phone poll, Canadians cited the hypothetical hockey-based government’s “honesty”, “integrity”, and “shots on goal” as reasons they would easily outperform the current sitting Canadian parliament. The speculative hockey-government immediately polled at a 92% approval rating, or 98% if they bring home a gold medal. Compared to the current parliament’s 38% approval rating, it would seem that Canadians’ choice is clear.

Many polled speculated as to which Team Canada Member should lead the newly-formed government.

“I mean, Crosby is kind of obvious for Prime Minister, since he’s probably gonna be captain,” said plumber Pat Bishop, of Winnipeg, “But maybe Toews. Either way, I’d vote for any member of that team before any member of the current government. Hands down.”

Many also speculated as to cabinet positions in the hockey government (or “hock-racy”, as it has been dubbed online), with most agreeing that PK Subban as Minister of Defence is a “no-brainer” and Carey Price as Minister of Finance a natural “shoo-in.”

“This current roster can come back from big deficits, unlike this current government” Bishop added.

Respondents remain split over the means Team Canada should use to overthrow the government with 38% supporting a violent, bench-clearing coup, while 45% support orchestrating some kind of winner-take-all outdoor hockey match between Team Canada and the current cabinet. 

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