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Passion Fruit: Preggo and perplexed

Friday, 21 October 2011 11:43 Written by 

Dear Krysten,

I think I might be pregnant. My feet are all swollen, I’ve been gaining weight, and every once in a while I feel something kicking in my stomach. How should I tell my boyfriend? He always talks about how much he hates little kids and doesn’t want to commit to anything, but I’m hopeful that he’ll come around.

Preggo and Perplexed


From personal experience, I can tell you that a possible pregnancy causes a lot of anxiety. When I thought I was pregnant, I was a mess of emotions, and eventually had to call David, my now ex-boyfriend, to let him know about this possibly life-altering discovery. I was pretty direct, and told him straight up that it was time to get his ass in gear and step into the realm of fatherhood. I gave him a baby name book, said we should start picking some colours for the nursery, and sent out invitations for a shower. But then David said that I should go to my doctor to make sure I was actually pregnant and it wasn’t just the mistake of another cheap, expired home pregnancy kit – and it turns out I wasn’t expecting.

It’s really too bad. I had already photoshopped a picture of me and David, adding in an image of my cousin’s new baby, so he could imagine what we would look like as a family. I still send him that picture every year for Christmas with the caption, “See what you could have had? P.S., it’s never too late.”

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