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Ben Affleck starts new project detailing CIA’s battle at Vimy Ridge

Tuesday, 26 February 2013 15:51 Written by 
Ben Affleck starts new project detailing CIA’s battle at Vimy Ridge Photo: Erin Lassahn / Flickr
BOSTON - Riding on the success of his Oscar-win with Argo, Ben Affleck has begun working on a new documentary detailing the heroic efforts of wartime CIA officers at France’s Vimy Ridge.

“This is a story I’ve wanted to tell for some time, and I think the world is finally ready to hear about it,” smiled Affleck, proudly polishing his best picture Oscar over breakfast at a local Boston restaurant. “When audiences discover how CIA-underdogs defied the odds in World War one, taking this crucial ridge with the encouragement, smiles, and emotional support of all four divisions of the Canadian Corps, it’s really going to open their eyes.”

Detailing his vision for the project, Affleck glossed over a number of plot points, including President Woodrow Wilson giving a pep talk to a trembling Sir Robert Borden, and the CIA agents humbly turning down Victoria crosses and offering them to the Commonwealth soldiers that looked a little glum.

“It’s not about the intimate details of every officer or battle, or whether the CIA was actually really a thing yet or not. It’s about the victories, the courage,and the sacrifices made by a few good men. …and, of course, the Canadians that helped alongside them, sure.”

Affleck concluded his award-polishing, and kindly asked his server for a thick, cornmeal-laden helping of “American bacon.”

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